Let me start off by giving my testimony. I hope that as this page grows we can hear many more testimonies from our readers…IMG_2189

My Testimony…

A husband and wife are on their way to the hospital around 7:00am on June 6, 1985. It is finally time! The contractions are close together and the much anticipated arrival of their second daughter will be here shortly. Unlike the first labor…this one is much quicker and the baby is born shortly after the arrival to the hospital at 7:30am. With love in their eyes, the couple looks at their newborn daughter, and realizes she looks different than a newborn should look—she’s blue! The doctors quickly take the child away and inform the parents that there is a problem with the baby’s heart, and she might not make it. Those are some of the hardest words a parent has to hear. It is at that point the parents could say, “why me” and blamed God; however, these parents instead drew comfort from God and strength from Him to face the difficult days ahead. After two heart surgeries, a staph infection, countless procedures, blood transfusions, and much prayer, the baby lives! Oh ya, in case I forgot to mention, that baby….is me!

I had the amazing privilege to be raised in a Christian home with parents who love my sister and I and who love God. That love was so evidently portrayed by the sacrifices they made for us throughout our childhood. My parents were not rich, in fact, they struggled a lot when I was growing up. My mom worked full-time in a Christian school and only made about $800 a month. It wasn’t much, but it did get us free tuition in the private, Christian school where we attended K-12th grade. My dad built swimming pools and worked by the sweat of his brow to make money for our family. I often remember he would come home so worn down from digging trenches in the hot sun, and he had the most unbelievable farmer’s tan! I mean half of his arm was pale white, the other half was dark brown. It was hilarious! He always smelled like chlorine. In fact, every time I smell chlorine to this day I think of him. I honestly believe that if it wasn’t for my parents’ sacrifice, I would not have a personal relationship with Jesus today. They truly were a great example for me.

Because I grew up in church and at a Christian school, I heard about Jesus and the Bible from such a young age. I knew that Jesus loved me and was the only way to heaven. I made professions of faith many times as a young child; however, it was not until I was in high school that I truly knew what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Growing up, I was very fearful of dying and going to hell. I would pray over and over “Lord, if I’m not saved, please save me.” I knew from the Bible that all I had to do was believe on the Lord Jesus and asked him to save me, and I would be saved, but that was, in my opinion, too easy. I thought…there must be more I have to do! When I was a junior in high school, I realized this fear of dying and going to hell had to stop once and for all…I had to settle this now! I remember going out with my youth pastor’s wife and telling her about my fears of death and hell, and she sat down with me and showed me from the Bible what God had to say about it. She showed me Romans 10:9, “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” She said…”did you do that?” I said “yes”, “but what if I didn’t believe enough or say the right prayer”… she stopped me there. No buts! You see salvation isn’t up to us. It’s simple. All the Bible says we need to do is believe in Jesus as Savior and ask for salvation. That’s all we can do. We can’t save ourselves, and God is not a liar. If he said he would save us…He will! It was from that day forward that I settled my salvation and committed my life to the Lord. I gave my life to Jesus to use for His honor and glory, and I am so unbelievable thankful for that decision I made—it was the best and most important decision I made in my life!

After the settling of my salvation, I have often thought… “What does God want me to do with my life?” I dedicated my life to God, and I have a strong desire to be used by Him to positively impact eternity by telling others how they can be saved. I feel that God spared me as a baby, and that I have a purpose for being on this earth. God spared me for a reason, and I know it is so I can serve Him better. I truly hope that God is able to use my life to impact eternity and allow people to come to know Jesus Christ as Savior through my testimony. Starting this website is something that I believe God wanted me to do for a long time, and this is my way of obeying His call. Jesus has done so much for me, including dying on the cross for my sins…certainly I can live for him!


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